The Managed Care Nurse Leader of the Year Award
This award is dedicated each year to one member who demonstrates outstanding nursing leadership qualities. The award is given out at the AAMCN Nurses Pre-Conference in Las Vegas prior to the Fall Managed Care Forum. Award winners demonstrate each of the following criteria:

  • Leadership impact on managed care
  • Mentoring achievements
  • Leadership and managed care nursing achievements
  • Contributions made to strengthen managed care nursing and the nursing profession
  • The following leadership characteristics: trust, individual consideration, intellectual stimulation, courage, dependability, flexibility, integrity, judgment, and respect for others

Past Award Winners

The 2019 AAMCN Nurse of the Year:

Vineta Mitchell


Mrs. Mitchell has been a very active member of the association through her mentorship of newer members, presenting at past managed care forums, and serving as a lead, reviewer, and writer for the most recent textbook update. Mrs. Mitchell’s has more than 35 years of nursing experience with Critical Care background and certification. She is certified in Managed Care and Case Management. She is serving as a clinical instructor and has been able to apply her clinical expertise in Nursing fundamentals, Medical Surgical Nursing and Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing in the training of students. Her passion is for quality nursing and improvement for the most improved health outcomes.

Mrs. Mitchell currently works at an MCO servicing those with chronic diseases with disease management and complex case management. Mrs. Mitchell has written articles on recruiting nurses for the nursing profession and the skills necessary for field Case Management in the managed care environment. She is a member of AAMCN, CMSA, and NLN. Mrs. Mitchell is passionate about assisting all nurses through mentoring by sharing her knowledge gained through education, work experience and collaborative relationships. Mrs. Mitchell motto is “meet people where they are”.


Dalrona Harrison,    RN, CMCN


Michelle Greene Rhodes,     MHS, RN, CCM, CMCN


Clare Jarrard,     RN, PhD, CMCN


Stefany Almaden,     PhD, RN, MSN, CCM, CPUM, CMCN


Ruth Machain,     RN, CPHM, CMCN, CCM


Sheryl Riley,     RN, OCN, CMCN


LaNita Knoke,     RN, BS, CMCN


Jacquelyn Smith,     RN, BSN, MA, CMCN


Colleen Morley-Wines,     RN, MSN, CMCN


Cheryl Slagle,     RN, CMCN, CCM, CCP


Janet Gilbert,     RN, MSN, CMCN, CCM


Shelly Martin,     BSN, MHSA, CPHQ, CMCN, CCM